We will be your bridge to China

Because of EDDP’s full time presence in China and its extensive network with distributors, retailers and the Chinese government we are capable of minimizing the start up period and costs. Using Dutch management and bilingual Chinese employees enables us to close 3 important gaps; time- and culture-difference and the huge language barrier.

Because of these gaps, many people consider entering the Chinese market as very risky. However, with the right knowledge and the right partner, those risks will be minimized and they won’t be higher than in any other country.

Together with you, we will focus on achieving the desired results. We start with exploring the market step by step. After that, we choose the most suitable entry strategy. In this way, unnecessary risks are being avoided and together we will make it possible for your company to be a part of the enormous growth of the Chinese market. Not from the sideline but right by your side.

EDDP offers the following modular package:

Start up phase

  • Investigate the potential in the market
  • Carry out extensive market research
  • Determine the potential customers, predict the cost and potential profits, analyze & reduce the involved risks
  • Find and evaluate the right potential partners
  • Select the suitable partner(s) together with client
  • Negotiate with chosen partner, if wanted together with client
  • Help to conduct issues concerning trade like logistics and import
  • Help to start up and develop the sales and marketing in China
  • Represent clients at exhibitions, B2B meetings
  • Translate website, brochures and / or other documents into Chinese
  • Promote clients’ products on the bilingual EDDP site: www.eddp.net.cn

After sales service

After the suitable partner is found and sales have started, EDDP offers the following services:
  • Control and manage the corporate identity of the product
  • Supervise and consult on the distribution channels
  • If needed improve distribution channel;
  • Supervise Chinese personnel
  • Train Chinese personnel
  • Help to find and evaluate a maintenance company and set up China wide technical support

EDDP offers custom-made services to successfully enter the emerging Chinese market. With our experience and knowledge of doing business in China, we will reduce the risks and make entering the Chinese market less complex than it initially appeared to be.

After each phase we will evaluate together and you decide whether to continue with the next step or not.

Besides that, we can also assist your company with establishing a legal Chinese entity, apply for subsidies and translate your website and other documents into Chinese.

"Your Bridge To China"