All our products are authentic and guaranteed genuine.
We supply a certificate of authenticity along with every item we hold in stock. On this certificate is a brief description on the object, as well as style period, country of origin and year it was created.
Our objects mainly originate in France, Italy, England and the Netherlands.

The stock we hold in China is relatively small compared to our stock in Europe.
Therefore we present the majority of the collection on our website. All objects presented on this website are for sale. We can provide extra photos on demand.
If you were to buy one of these objects we can provide packing, handling and export to China.

We can also supply any kind of antique item that you desire. Then an extensive search action will be hold amongst our colleague antiques dealers.

Another service provided by us, is the possibility for you to come to Europe and buy your antiques yourself.
We can arrange transportation, accommodation and we will take you on a tour to visit various antiques dealers in Europe.
This will be a tailor made journey, and we will select the dealers that are to be visited in line with the specific demands on antiques.
We will then collect, pack and export all the bought items for you to your specified location in China.

As a service, we can also provide complete interior design.
Our creative director Paul Rombouts, has many years of experience in interior design. His vision is to create an atmosphere that combines modern day comfort with extraordinary antique objects.
Thereby adding warmth, soul and historical sense into an interior.
Everything that is called design, originates in the past. By choosing elements in an interior that mark a time period in the past, an interior is enriched with soul and historic belief.

Using fine antiques in combination with newly made fashionable furniture creates an exclusive and unique interior. We believe that combining the comforts of modern day life with antique objects creates a timeless interior, which is always 1 of a kind.
In comparison to new furniture and decorative items, the antiques will always keep it’s value or even rise in value over time.

Paul Rombouts has done many projects and some examples are shown on the website.

"Your Bridge To China"