Rombouts Antiques was founded in 1937 in the Netherlands. The company is a family business that goes back three generations.
Throughout the years, we have developed a huge knowledge on fine Western antiquities. Because of the good relationships with other antique dealers, we can find almost any antique item that you wish for.

In November 2006 Rombouts Antiques opened their first department in China.

The quality of our products is guaranteed genuine and authentic. All our antique objects contain a historical background that is unique for a typical European style period. The majority of these objects originate in castles, monasteries and big country houses.
In the time that these items were crafted, it was considered to be the top in design as well as craftsmanship.

Many of our objects are considered to be a good long-term investment, since the availability of these objects gets less every year.
Some people might consider antiques as ‘old fashioned’. In contrary, the contrast that you create when installing a 19th century French silver-guilded mirror on a stainless steel wall, is unmatched by any other form of decoration.

The knowledge shared within the Rombouts-family is obtained by three generations of craftsmanship, study and enterprising in fine European antiques.

Rombouts Antiques is an old family business with a young heart.
We strive for innovation on new trends, combined with fine antiques.
A different approach when it comes to interior.

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