Some of our Clients are:

Some of EDDP Clients: Badge2Match - Rombouts Antiques - Eckhart European Top Design Furniture - Ego -Henk  - Spyker - Prestige de Genève

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Client Testimonials:

Prestige de Genève

«Without EDDP’s knowledge and expertise in the Chinese market, it would not have been possible for us to find a prominent Chinese company to continue the spirit and tradition of our beloved brands.»
Bernhard Stelle, CEO Prestige de Genève.


«Badge2Match is very pleased with the selection of its partner for Asia; EDDP. Within a short time EDDP made valuable contacts with “key players” in the Asian Meetings and Incentives Industry and secured many leads. We are positive that with the help of EDDP, Badge2Match will become as successful in Asia as it is in Europe. EDDP, thanks for your professionalism and dedication!»
Onno Bos, Director Badge2Match

Some of our Badge2Match clients are:

Some of Badge2Match Clients: Astra Zeneca - Elsevier Congresses - Reed Business - Rabobank - Exl Pharma - Winkelman & Van Hessen - Terrapinn - SenterNovem - MPI Foundation - Telecom Management Association - Colin  - Centiq - Deutsche Messe - MeerBusiness - Syntens - CBI - Beacon - CCH

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