The wireless enabled Badge2Match Badges help delegates to find other attendees with aligned interests effectively on a conference floor.

Based on a profile entered by the delegates, the Interactive Badges search around for Matches between delegates. A Match for example can be made between the CEO of an Australian raw material supplier and his potential Chinese buyer.

In case of a "Match" between delegates, the Badge2Match Interactive Badges will emit a discreet attention signal and light up in the same color pattern.

This unique and innovative product integrates with existing registration systems and will increase the value of the meeting to attendees.

Click here to see Badge2Match in action (VIDEO)

Some Benefits / Value of Badge2Match:

  • It is an ‘icebreaker’ to start a discussion
  • It ensures you will only talk with the right people. Therefore you won’t lose valuable time talking to people without common interests
  • Better and faster business with less effort
  • Improved and reliable RF technology ensures that the Interactive Badge is light and slim (close to a regular conference pass)
  • The Interactive Badge is cost effective, can be re-used for other events and is easy to use: “Monkey Proof

Meeting the right people often is the main reason for people to go to an event. Using the Interactive Badges guarantees the attendees they will. Therefore the Networking Badges will attract more visitors to your events -> High ROI

Badge2Match has proven its value at more than 50 business events. We successfully cooperated with renowned international event organizers like Reed Elsevier, Terrapinn and the Dutch Government

In May 2009, Badge2Match won the prestigious ICT Innovation Award 2009. This award is a prize for the most innovative ICT company and is granted by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Furthermore Badge2Match is a great Marketing Tool since it draws a lot of attention from attendees and media which will offers new sponsors opportunities.

In short it is a fun, innovative, easy, affordable and effective way to improve networking and increase return on investment!

“The right contact at a meeting can often pay for the price of the entire trip. Networking tools can assist greatly in bringing people of mutual interests together.”
Corbin Ball CEO of Corbin Ball Associates.

"Your Bridge To China"