In order to fulfill the most important desire of both attendee and organizer and to keep our Badges as cheap and efficient as possible Badge2Match mainly focuses on the networking. However we offer you more valuable services before, during and after your event.

Before event

  • Online Registration – We can take care of your online registration. This saves you money on outsourcing or time if you normally do the registration yourself. Since our software is compatible with all registration software we can also integrate our questionnaire in your existing registration
  • Motivation Mail – Prior to the event we will send out an e-mail to all your attendees to remind them about the new network possibilities they have during your event. We will also send them the names of 3 persons they Match with
  • Questionnaire ¬ Next to the Matching questions we can also ask your attendees specific questions to analyze their needs. This allows you to anticipate and make final changes prior to your event or to use this date to organize future events

During event

  • Assistance – On your request we will be present during your event to assist you with the on-site registration and to guarantee smooth networking
  • Location tracker – Do you want to track the lectures your attendees have attended or do you want to register when they arrived and when they left your conference? Just let us know and we will take care of it. Different systems are available including wireless solutions

After event

  • Post event mail – We will send an e-mail to people with the names of people they Matched with during your event. This offers them the opportunity to continue communication after the event. This will only be done with the approval of the attendees
  • Non attending people – Matches can also be made after the event between your attendees and people who were not able to attend. This will only be done with the approval of the attendees

Next to the above mentioned services Badge2Match is now working on other services that can optionally be chosen to even further enhance your event like automatic business card exchange. Visit our website regularly for the latest updates.

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