EDDP was founded in 2007. With offices in both The Netherlands and China, we are able to successfully assist any European company wishing to enter the emerging Chinese market.

The Chinese market is booming and we at EDDP believe that this offers huge potential for European companies. You might have previously considered “to make the move to China”, but probably asked yourself the question… “How can we successfully enter such a huge market, whilst being based in Europe, without any business experience in China?”

This is where EDDP can assist you. Together we will make it possible for your company to be a part of this enormous growth. Not from the sidelines but right by your side.

We will be your bridge to China

We will be your bridge to China Due to EDDP’s full time presence in China, its extensive network of distributors, retailers and its governmental ties we can minimize both your start up period and costs. Utilizing the twin benefits of European management and bilingual Chinese employees enables us to focus on the three important issues facing many companies; time, culture difference and the huge language barrier.

If you are considering to make the ‘move’ east, please feel free to without obligation. Click here for our full service overview.

"Your Bridge To China"